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Tsukiji fish market / Toyosu fish market same-day delivery


Order at 8:30 am – 9:30 am.

Service area: 23 wards, Tokyo

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Same-day Delivery in Tokyo

Tsukiji Sabuchan same-day delivery from Tsukiji and Toyosu fish market

We deliver fresh, high-quality fish and seafood from the Tsukiji fish market. We post photos of showcases of our partner shops in the morning here.

You can order it online via Twitter DM, or LINE text message. We will deliver your items by 2 pm on Saturday (1 pm on Friday).

We deliver to 23 wards, Tokyo.

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How Our Online Same-day Delivery Works

Tsukiji Sabuchan Same day delivery: How it works: text us

1. Text us

Text us the following information via LINE/Twitter DM/Instagram DM.
Date and time, address to receive items, phone, email, and items you want to order.

Tsukiji Sabuchan Same-day delivery: How it works: Choose items

2. Select items

Select items from our photos, or we will give recommendations from various products in the Tsukiji Uogashi fish market. Let us know what you are looking for.

Tsukiji Sabuchan Same-day delivery: How it works: Enjoy the sushi-quality seafood

3. Enjoy your seafood

Our members pick fresh items from the Tsukiji fish market in the morning on the day we deliver. Enjoy the highest quality seafood in Japan.

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Tuna, Lobsters, Oysters, and more…

We also have the highest quality seafood, fruits, meat, vegetables, and more. Text us if you are looking for the best food in Tokyo, Japan.

Tsukiji Sabuchan sashimi and sushi grade tuna and toro

Sushi Grade Tuna and Toro

Tsukiji Sabuchan Hokkaido Uni Sea Urchin

Hokkaido Uni Sea Urchin

Tsukiji Sabuchan Salmon for grilling and BBQ

Salmon for grilling and BBQ

Tsukiji Sabuchan Fresh Kuruma-Ebi Prawn

Fresh Kuruma-Ebi Prawn

Tsukiji Sabuchan Kumamoto Oyster

Kumamoto Oyster

Tsukiji Sabuchan horsehair crab and king crab

Horsehair Crab and King Crab

Operating Areas and Hours

Operating Areas

We deliver your orders to 23 wards, Tokyo. 
If you plan to order a large number of items, contact us in person. We could deliver them outside the operating areas or the service hours.

Operating Hours

We only accept orders on Friday and Saturday. Please follow this schedule to place orders.

  • 8:30 – 9:00 am: we post photos on Twitter and LINE
  • 8:30 am – 9:30 am: we accept orders (Twitter DM/ LINE)
  • 11 am – 2 pm on Saturday (11 am – 2pm on Friday): we deliver orders to your place


Enjoy the world’s best quality seafood from Toyosu / Tsukiji fish market at a low price.


Chuo/Minato: Item Price + Service Fee (15% of the item price + JPY 900)
Other 23 wards: Item Price + Service Fee (25% of the item price + JPY 1500)

Example: If you buy one tuna sashimi filet at JPY 5000 from Minato, you pay item price (5000) + service fee (5000 * 10% = 500 + 700 ) = JPY 6200

Minimum Order

Please order at least 3000 for the item price (incl. tax) excluding service fee and delivery fee.

Ask for your cooperation

Tsukiji Sabuchan is a new service that we provide photos and information of the day in the morning, accept orders, and deliver them on the same day. We are still working hard to improve our service, so please follow these instructions.

No return, no re-delivery

We do not accept any returns as items are very fresh seafood. To keep your items fresh, we do not accept re-delivery.
Please make sure to be home to receive the package. Please understand that we take the following actions if you are not home.

  • We will contact you by phone or LINE message, so please respond promptly.
  • If there is no response after ringing the intercom for 10 minutes, we will consider you absent.
  • If you are absent, we will leave the product at the entrance or other appropriate location, but we do not provide ice packs or storage boxes.
  • If it is difficult to place the product, such as if we cannot enter the entrance, we will take your package back with us or dispose of it. We will still charge you the full amount.
  • We will charge an additional fee if additional actions are necessary due to your absence or incorrect address.
Delivery Capacity

If we receive too many orders, we might need to decline your orders due to freshness concerns, or we might ask you to change the delivery time.

High-rise condos in Chiyoda and Koto

If we can’t park our car, we might ask you to come down to the 1st floor and pick up your items.

Text Us beforehand

If you plan to place your order on Saturday, please let us know before Saturday, such as on Friday, so that we can arrange your order smoothly.

What is Tsukiji Sabuchan Delivery?

We deliver seafood from the Tsukiji fish market. You can order professional-sushi-restaurant-quality seafood from our partner shops, which are wholesalers in the Tsukiji and Toyosu fish markets. Both retail consumers and professional restaurants are welcome to use our service.

English support is available. Ask us anything. Tsukiji Sabuchan will answer any questions, like “What is this fish?”, “Can you cut this fish into filet?”

Tsukiji Sabuchan is an innovative service in which English speakers living in Japan and tourists can also enjoy the highest quality seafood like local Japanese.

Tsukiji Sabuchan, purchase the highest quality seafood from Tsukiji fish market

Purchase the highest quality seafood in Japan

Tsukiji fish market is the center of Japanese seafood culture. The market sources seafood from around the world, including the Toyosu fish market, with the highest standard for professional use, like sushi bars. Tsukiji is the place where you buy the best fish in Tokyo, Japan.

Tsukiji Sabuchan English available to help you purchase the best seafood

English available

The Tsukiji fish market is usually Japanese only. No worries. Tsukiji Sabuchan communicates in English. Our staff will talk to shops on behalf of you. Feel free to ask any questions like, “Can you translate the tags on the photo?”, “Please cut the fish into filets.”, “How much is this fish?”

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